Getting started with your Altair Astro Camera

Step 1 – Download Altair Capture

Download AltairCapture for Windows here. This installs drivers, and gets you up and running with your new camera.

You’ll need Winzip to open these files, which is already installed on most computers. Cameras work best on Win10 64bit with a 2013 or later manufactured device. Beta Mac OS and Linux versions of AltairCapture are also available to try for the latest Mac and Linux 64bit OS.

Click here to download the latest version of Altair Capture

Step 2 – Claim your Sharpcap Pro license

Download SharpCap PRO Software here. You get a free 1 year PRO license with your new camera. One license per camera, per user.

SharpCap has advanced features like Sharpcap PRO smart polar alignment for Altair Guidescopes. Focus Assistance, Live Image Stacking for video astronomy/EAA, and ASCOM filter wheel control. Also a powerful tool for microscopy.

Learn how to claim your SharpCap PRO license for Altair Cameras.

3rd Party software for Altair cameras

The following software companies support Altair cameras directly without ASCOM or intermediary drivers:

Auto-guiding software: 

Download latest PHD2 Auto Guiding software here. We recommend auto-guiding your GOTO mount through the camera and mount ST4 port with the grey ST4 cable provided with your camera. Plug the grey ST4 cable into the camera, and into the mount. Then connect the camera to your PC with the USB cable, then select Connect > “Altair camera”.

Deepsky Imaging software:

APT Deep-sky imaging software (direct support, recommended)

NINA Deep-sky imaging software (direct support, recommended)

Download ASCOM Driver (required for software which lacks direct support).


Need guidance and support?

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Raise a technical support issue. Join the Altair Google Group Technical Support Forum. Discuss and raise issues with Beta drivers and software. (Please give a reason for joining, or your application will be rejected or delayed to stop spam.

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